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Quarter Pot, Half Pot and Whole Pot orders are pre-packaged, frozen, and shipped for a flat rate WITHIN THE CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES ONLY - shipping included for those items only. We CANNOT SHIP to Post Office Boxes. Please note that 5 Pot orders are available for LOCAL PICK-UP ONLY in Slidell, Louisiana.

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About Us

The Original Dr. Jack's Gumbo

Dr. Jack’s gumbo was originally started in Lacombe, Louisiana by Darrin Jackson, MD. Dr. Jackson, who was born in south Mississippi but lived the first years of his life in Greensburg, Louisiana and subsequent years in Liberty, Mississippi, grew up with the culture of Louisiana and soul of Mississippi. Having family on both sides of the Louisiana/Mississippi state line meant Dr. Jackson would experience foods from both cultures growing up. Consequently, he was able to develop taste for good food, as “Soul Food” and “Cajun Cooking” were a part of his daily life.

Dr. Jackson, while trained in Medicine and a board certified Family Medicine physician, practicing in Louisiana; has always had a passion to cook. His tastes for foods and developing recipes have always been geared towards mingling Soul Food and Cajun Cooking to what he now refers to his signature style, “Cajun-Soul”. Dr. Jackson did not disappoint when combining both southern cooking styles into one! His signature gumbo has been so popular with those who have tasted it, that he was inspired to introduce it to people outside of his friends and family.

The bold flavor, use of premium local ingredients and large quantity of meats, veggies and seafood in each pot makes eating Dr. Jack’s Gumbo satisfying to the last bite! His gumbo has a mixture of 12 spices which results in an authentic, southern-style gumbo with a kick! Keeping with Louisiana tradition, this gumbo is spicy! Dr. Jackson recommends serving over a half quantity of cooked rice and saltine crackers on the side! This may help to balance some of the “bite” for those with less acclimated “spice-buds.”

We, at Dr. Jack’s gumbo, take pride in making people happy through taste and maintain high standards with our products. We price our gumbo based on the local markets (which fluctuate) but will always give our customers the best quality in each serving. We customize orders to fit our customers needs and ship your order “overnight” to ensure product viability.

Hosting an event? We recommend ordering by “The Pot” for your special event. We guarantee it will be a focal topic at your event! Large orders should be placed at least 1 week prior, to allow for production and shipment.

Our gumbo contains seafood and should not be consumed by anyone allergic to any seafood. In the tradition of authentic Louisiana-style gumbo, we also use crab parts and bay leaves which are not to be consumed. Take special precautions when serving to children under 12 and those with special needs, as some parts can present a choking hazard. This product will need to be kept frozen until it’s intended use for consumption and not consumed more than 5 days after thawing, even with refrigeration.

We want to hear from you! Be sure to leave us your comments and reviews on our website, as you jump into the realm of “Cajun-Soul” gumbo! Oh, and tell your friends about us! www.DrJacksGumbo.com

God bless and enjoy!

~Dr. Jack’s Gumbo Team

Dr Jacks Gumbo • Louisiana Style Gumbo Mixes


Dr. Jack's Gumbo

Keep product frozen until ready to consume. (Do not consume after 5 days of thawing. Refrigerate after thawing for storage)

-To thaw, either:
1. Place the container in warm water.
2. -or- microwave on defrost settings until contents are thawed enough to transition to a suitable-size cooking pot.
-Note: consistency should be about the consistency of a slushy.

-To warm:
1. place your stove on LOW until contents are fully thawed, then stir.
2. raise the temperature to MED, and periodically stir, until contents are 165 degrees Fahrenheit. (You may need to increase the control knob based on your cooking appliance)
-Note: do not overheat as contents on the bottom of the pot can burn.


-Allow to cool for approximately 5 min. and serve.
-Recommended: Pour 1 serving of Dr. Jack’s gumbo over a half serving of cooked rice. Consume with saltine crackers, if desired.

INGREDIENTS: Salt, dextrose, organic vegetable flavor, organic carrot, organic onion, organic celery, green cabbage juice concentrate, sea salt spice. Enriched bleached wheat flour, malted barley flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid, corn starch, dried onion salt, hydrolyzed vegetable protein (hydrolyzed corn protein, safflower oil, monosodium glutamate, spices, caramel color, dried parsley, organic garlic, natural flavor (CONTAINS WHEAT, hydrolyzed corn gluten, yeast extract, safflower oil and lactic acid). PRODUCED WITH GENETIC ENGINEERING, chicken, pork, cured ham-fat trimmings, chili pepper, monosodium glutamate, sodium erythorbate, spice extracts, sodium nitrite, okra, bay leaves, whole crab parts, shrimp, salted butter, cayenne pepper, bell pepper, spice, onion powder, paprika, garlic powder, shallots, crushed red pepper, black pepper, silicone dioxide. May contain soy or milk.

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